main works

Artec Studio carries out projects through three departments: lighting design, lab, and lights. We have arranged our works in this manner to guide you on a transversal tour through our most relevant projects. Below is a selection of projects within those categories.

lighting design

Artec Studio is dedicated to developing high-quality architectural lighting projects through close, proactive relationships with the design teams and clients. Shaping light, we create innovative lighting designs that enhance the architecture and its contents, while achieving the program and sustainable goals. Take a look at our most relevant projects.


Our lights emerge from the experience developed in our lighting designs projects and the study of the function and emotion of the light interacting with space and people. The studio, by merging research, technology and taking care of details, has developed new concepts of light. Our designs are produced by recognized manufacturers and have been internationally awarded. Enjoy a selection of our luminaires designs and bespoke lights.

light art

Artec Studio’s lab is dedicated to exploring the most interactive, social, and artistic aspects of the light as a channel to create intangible and exciting light art content. This enables our team to shape the perception and cognition when being part of experiences, interacting with artworks, or creating identities through light.

City of Justice

Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain 2009

The project of the City of Justice of Barcelona and L'Hospitalet consisted of 3 spaces: the central atrium, the court buildings and the outer space. Each one had different architectural characteristics, although they were connected to each other.

The Atrium, the heart of the city of justice, was the great access to the buildings connected to it.. The luminous approach based on the essential was to create two lines of light: an exterior and an interior that resolved all the situations of this space. The continuous linear luminaire with 3000ºK triphosphorous fluorescence lamp was specially designed for this project.

In the 12 buildings, the intention of architecture was that everyone had the same feeling, the same look when inside. The situation was focused on solving the internal rhythms of the different facilities since each building was of different dimensions.

Client: GISA, Departament de Justicia, Generalitat de Catalunya
Architect: David Chipperfield Architects + b720 Arquitectos
Awards: Riba Award 2010
Photo: ©b720; ©Rafael Vargas