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P.098. Project F-Line P.098.

A line set to enhance the game between horizontal plans

F-line is born from the intention of highlighting the game between horizontal architectural plans of the Veles e Vents building in Valencia by architects David Chipperfield & Fermín Vázquez. We understood that the best light to make them stand out was the light that bounced off the pavement, and besides the architectural concept, we were asked that these plans would look clear during daytime, free from any extra lights.

The solution was to design a bespoke luminaire resistant to a marine environment with a high degree of protection against water and saline corrosion. It needed to have 4,5 centimeters thick in order to be embedded in the joints of the false ceiling and thus go unnoticed during the day. During nighttime, the light effect created by the lines of light together with their light bouncing off the ground enhance the game of the building’s horizontal planes.

AR T EC_F-Line_single
AR T EC_F-Line_single
AR T EC_F-Line_double_1
AR T EC_F-Line_double_2
Project information
Artec Studio and b720 Architects