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Palco LV

Minimum size, maximum expression of light

Palco Low Voltage 51mm, 35mm and 19mm diameters extend iGuzzini’s collection of micro dimension Palco projectors and profilers, which are inspired by the shape of a paintbrush. The small projector brings extraordinary accuracy and visual comfort to museums, retail and hospitality projects.

Palco LV received the 1st Prize for Product at the Codega Awards. Venice, October 2018.

“To an innovative lighting product that, thanks to LED sources, maintains flexible performances, reaches a goal of miniaturization and dematerialization of the lighting fixture, which is well combined in museum and retail applications.”


AR T EC_Palco LV_single
AR T EC_Palco LV_single
AR T EC_Palco LV_single
AR T EC_Palco LV_single

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Project information
Artec Studio
Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione “Premio dei Premi”; Codega Awards; Gold Delta ADI; German Design Award, 2018