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Agbar Square

Enhancing Urban Spaces with harmony and organic forms

The purpose of the lighting design of the Agbar square was to obtain uniform illumination of the surroundings of the tower for security reasons, without contaminating the lighting composition of the Agbar tower itself. Another premise of the project was that the lighting system should be integrated into the existing architectural and landscape approach in the plaza.

The tree was the element of greater visual perception in the low level of the square, giving the formal presence of the tower and structuring the place. The lighting system was chosen in organic forms, located in the flowerbeds between the trees forming a random composition that extends to different heights along the plaza following its sinuous route.

At the level of energy efficiency, the lamps used for ceramic metal halides of warm color temperature of 35w and 70w according to heights of 5m, 7m and 9m provide the necessary level by regulations and a high energy classification of the place.

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Aigües de Barcelona
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