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P.101. Project Balfegó P.101.

Elevated experience of the ocean’s flavors

Balfegó is a gastronomic space designed to spread the culture of Bluefin tuna. Its lighting concept seeks the immersion of the diner in an idyllic maritime environment. With three well-defined scenes, the rooms of a ship are simulated and highlighted by a central piece: the school of fish. It consists of warm spot LED’s that illuminate a hundred-acrylic fish, that along with the light reflected in the blue curtains resembling a fishnet.

Each space of the restaurant, representing either water or ship, is designed for the user to enjoy the different visions and interact, suggestively, with their environment. Along with the interior designers and chefs, the goal was to create different immersion levels accompanied by a dim dynamic light that resembled the sun filtered by water, or the different tones of light on a boat, in order to enhance the gastronomic experience. The DMX programming simulates a subtle dynamism that transports the user to an implied, relaxing and suggestive interaction with their environment to create a holistic gastronomic experience. One of its kind.

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AR T EC_Balfegó_single
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AR T EC_Balfegó_single
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Project information
Balfegó Grup
El Equipo Creativo
Codega 2018, 3rd Prize Winner
©Adrià Goula
Barcelona, Spain