AR T EC_Buio_hero
P.050. Project Buio P.050.

Light emerging from the dark.

Buio is born from imagining how a black dot can emit light. With the intention of offering a graphic scenography both when it is switched off and when it is switched on, revealing its function only when required.

From a small opaque element, a silent light emerges, revealing the space. Its muffled light imbues it with a soft clarity that embellishes the surfaces. Buio is a luminous darkness, a duality that generates wonder, a perceptive interference that surprises. A sign that illuminates, something dark that gives light. A single spirit of light, a darkened module that can be fitted with various complements to create a wide range of outdoor products.

The darkened module is adaptable and can be integrated into the floor, by means of a cylindrical casing, to create an uplight effect, or by fitting it with a fixing ring with a base, it can be transformed into a spotlight concept, with accessories to increase visual comfort.

AR T EC_Buio_single
AR T EC_Buio_single
AR T EC_Buio_double_1
AR T EC_Buio_double_2
Project information
Davide Groppi
Maurici Ginés
Silver Delta | ADI Awards 2024