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Cloud Square

Light + water combined powerfully to create a sensorial experience

Cloud Square was one of the themed squares located in the Expo campus by the river Ebro, at “Water for Life” World exhibition. The foggy plaza playfully highlights man’s relationship with water by changing color, movement, and intensity.

On certain evenings, the square becomes an impressive scenography. Clouds in different colors and shapes drift mystically over the whole square – changing in movement and intensity. The project designed following the main subject of the Expo brilliantly solves the task of combining water and light in a meaningful way.

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AR T EC_Cloud Square_single
AR T EC_Cloud Square_single
AR T EC_Cloud Square_single
Project information
Zaragoza city Council
Maurici Ginés
Expo Zaragoza 2008
©Eloy Esteban
Zaragoza, Spain