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P.114. Project Colmex Library P.114.
Colmex Library

The lighting design for the extension of the Library of the College of Mexico seeks to create an environment of visual comfort for studying and reading based on the formal layout of the architecture, while highlighting the elements and materials that form it, as well as the hammered concrete and the crystal.

Five lighting typologies stand out: functional lighting by continuous linear luminaires; the lighting proposal for the work area without touching the surrounding vertical planes; decorative led standing luminaires to generate a home environment in informal reading areas; the lighting of a single mullion on the facade that breaks the rhythm of others and marks the access to the building; and the lighting of the vegetation of the exterior and roof area, consisting of uplights with optics according to the foliage and size.

All the lighting is composed of leds and fluorescence of neutral color temperature 4000ºk and high IRC. Also, a lighting control system was incorporated to choose the right scene for each space.

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Colegio de México
Teodoro Gonzalo de León
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