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Corporativo Komplex

Designed by the architect Fernando Valdez, Corporate Komplex is a unique project in Puebla that breaks with the established canons in terms of corporate and commercial plazas in the city.

The lighting design concept consists of generating different environments through different types of lighting integrated into the architectural space. Like any urban space in Mexico, security is a major issue. Thus, a uniform lighting was proposed in the parking lots with the right levels of security, but at the same time considering the visual comfort, complementing the general lighting system located in 9-meter poles, with the lighting of the trees in the center, as well as access to the interior parking.

The micro perforated facades of the buildings take on a major role at night, providing luminance in the vertical plane that give these elements a special character. Currently, still under construction, the glass facade will be a dynamic media facade in the future, while the luminaires and the control system are being installed. The result is a dynamic, comforting illumination.

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AR T EC_Corporativo Komplex_single
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AR T EC_Corporativo Komplex_single
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