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P.058. Project Designadal P.058.

Make a wish!

Disseny Hub Barcelona switches on its own wishing star for Christmas: designadal. It’s a large-scale light installation, suspended in the heart of the museum’s hall, which encourages young and old alike to look up and make a wish.

The creative concept of Maurici Ginés’s work is based on the idea of the shooting star, a timeless symbol of dreams, love, and hope. Part of the collective imagination which can make wishes come true and guide people in the same direction to achieve the future we want: one that’s more sustainable, more supportive and fairer.

Designadal is a representation of the classic Christmas Star as a symbol of light in movement that guides us towards the promotion of design in Barcelona: Disseny Hub. It’s a three-dimensional isotype sequenced in time, in layers, which when seen as a whole, forms a star suspended in the air that wants everyone to look up and, on seeing it, make a Christmas wish.

AR T EC_Designadal_single
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AR T EC_Designadal_single
AR T EC_Designadal_single
Project information
Maurici Ginés
Artec Studio
Namar Brand Factory
©Anastasiia Stetsenko
Barcelona, Spain