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P.164. Project Disc P.164.

Light creates identity in hospitality places

The Disc system was born from the Gat Hotels project, a franchise of affordable boutique hotels located in European and North African capitals. The luminaire had to solve the ambient lighting of the hotels’ public spaces, including common areas and room corridors, generating a rhythm of luminosities at different heights and creating cozy atmospheres, using a color code according to the hotel´s identity.

They are based on a materiality game where light, color, opacity and transparency are combined. The embodiment of color filters allows us to adapt them to the corporate or predominant colors of the space that they occupy. Disc is a circular luminaire that comes in two sizes, a diameter of 30 or 55 cm and 7 cm in height. Generates direct or indirect ambient light. The light source is either LED or dimmable fluorescent circular tubes.

AR T EC_Disc_single
AR T EC_Disc_single
AR T EC_Disc_single
AR T EC_Disc_single
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