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P.161. Project El Molino P.161.
El Molino

Bridgeting past and present through light

The lighting concept of the facade of “El Molino” proposes integrating a contemporary intervention into a culturally historic building by introducing the artistic and roguish spirit of the show for which it’s famous. This emblematic place is characterized, through an element of “Media” communication that allows dialogue and interacts with the environment as part of the architecture and not as something added. At the same time, the historic facade is illuminated while respecting the lighting system and the classic night image that identifies it as appropriate to the technology of contemporary lighting systems. The public enters the building to see the function and the building shows its essence to bring new experiences, visual performances to the Parallel nightlife.



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AR T EC_El Molino_double_1
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Project information
El Molino
BOPBAA Architects
Finalist, LAMP Awards for Architectural Exterior Lighting 2011 
©Rosa Puig
Barcelona, Spain