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P.168. Project Hammershoi P.168.

Illuminating the connection between art and film

The exhibition “Hammershoi and Dreyer” took place at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona from January 25 to May 1, 2007 in collaboration with RCR arquitectes. The lighting concept raised the influence of the light that the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi has expressed in his works on the light that the filmmaker Theodor Dreyer exhibits in his feature films. The exhibition is divided into two parts: a start and an ending. The first part deals with the knowledge and the relationship of the authors, while the second part focus on the knowledge of their work.

In the beginning and in the end, the light itself is the information, giving the entry with the title and ending as a conclusion with an explanation about the light. In all cases, light acts as a common thread.

The light of the exhibition is summarized in seven typologies: lateral light, focal light, neutral light, landscape light, contrast light, penumbra light and projected light. Adding one last that has the purpose of preparation and conclusion to the name of Hammershoi and Dreyer.



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AR T EC_Hammershoi_single
AR T EC_Hammershoi_single
AR T EC_Hammershoi_single
AR T EC_Hammershoi_single
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Project information
RCR Arquitectes
LAMP Award for Real Solutions 2008; Finalist, FAD 2008 (Ephemeral)
©Eugeni Pons
Barcelona, Spain