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Hotel Gat

The Gat Hotels project began with a general concept that could serve as the chain’s branding in its expansion in Europe and Africa. It offers small rooms within a high-level design located in capitals or important cities at a low cost.

This lighting designs worked from three axes: to solve the lighting in the room by creating a module that could be carried and assembled to each hotel room; the lighting of the common areas for which a circular luminaire of two sizes was designed. This could be dressed in different color filters with circular fluorescence of 3000ºK, being green the used color. And lastly, to illuminate the facades of the hotels. The handicap was that Gat Hotels are located in existing buildings where, in most cases, it’s not allowed to install lighting elements in the facade. The proposed solution was to incorporate fluorescent linear luminaires with green filters in the interior window space of each room. In relation to the interior, this lighting was turned off at a prudent schedule for the guest and also had a Foscurit, a black opaque light control fabric, in each window so that the entrance of light in the room could be avoided manually.

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Project information
BOPBAA Architects
Lisbon, Portugal