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P.060. Project Iris P.060.

An adaptable and suggestive light collection

Iris is an architectural-decorative lighting collection that actively dialogues with the space, incorporating itself friendly into it and proposing the creation of ambiences through light. Its composition and adaptation options are so wide that they provide a light staging in perfect harmony in any typology of place such as hospitality, residential, cultural or corporate.

Just as the ocular iris widens and contracts to adapt to the light, Iris is modulated through an emitting core to which different lighting accessories are added at the bottom and support elements at its top, assembling different lighting expressions. Its intention is to adapt to the spaces it inhabits; forming part of them, emphasizing their content, resolving their functionality and generating comfort and warmth with high quality light.

The different combinations of optics, glass, finishes and compositions, enable its implementation in spaces where perception and emotions are important intangibles to transmit. Iris emits sensations both on and off. The special texture of the blown glass components produces a mirror effect when it is turned off, and a suggestive transparency when the light passes through it. The collection is developed with the Grafilat craft technique, using recyclable materials, with replaceable components and a high durability.

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AR T EC_Iris_single
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