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LAMP’s circular lighting project at Els Encants Market

Marking the celebration of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) and commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the opening of Els Encants Market, designed by b720 | Fermín Vázquez Architects with a lighting design project by Artec Studio, we are delighted to share LAMP’s recent circular lighting project for the market. This undertaking involved the restoration and reutilization of 836 luminaires, resulting in a significant impact measured by these key figures:



– Achieving an energy saving of over 48%, equating to an annual total of 33,367 watts saved.

– Reduction of 22 tons of CO2 equivalent, effectively mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.



Congratulations to LAMP and Mercats de Barcelona for their remarkable achievement!


At Artec Studio, we firmly advocate for sustainability-driven design and remain committed to proposing innovative lighting solutions aimed at reusability and waste reduction. We invite you to dive into the original lighting project of Els Encants Market here


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