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Expanding the possibilities of desk light through the Libera universe

Two new additions, designed by Artec Studio for iGuzzini, expand the Libera range, bringing the flexibility and refined aesthetics of this family to new horizons. The Libera floor-standing and the Libera table-top are the culmination of a design aimed at merging functionality with elegance. Inspired by the need for adaptability in modern lighting, these luminaires offer a versatile solution for any environment, from residential to offices, marking a milestone in the field of linear lighting. The collaboration between Artec Studio and iGuzzini once again reflects their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge design.


The Libera floor-standing emerges as an elegant structure that illuminates the space from the ground up, allowing for the creation of dynamic and adaptive environments. Its modular and scalable design adapts to the specific needs of the space, providing directed or ambient light as required.

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On the other hand, the Libera table-top, equipped with an asymmetric optic developed to illuminate the entire workspace, becomes the perfect complement for desks and work tables. Its innovative optic ensures that every inch of the work area is evenly lit, enhancing functionality with its compact and functional design. The soft and diffused light it emits creates the ideal ambiance for concentration and visual comfort.

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AR T EC_Libera | Floor & Desk_double_2

Both versions stand out for their ability to integrate harmoniously into any interior design, thanks to their clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Additionally, they incorporate intelligent technologies and miniaturized optics, offering a personalized and high-quality lighting experience.


These new luminaires, presented at the 2024 edition of Light & Building, not only demonstrate Artec Studio’s ability to design lighting solutions that meet contemporary challenges but also underline iGuzzini’s role as a leader in creating lighting systems that define the future of architectural space.

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