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P.042. Project Libera P.042.

The freedom of choosing where to take the light, designing a graphic expression in space.

Libera is light, it is composition, it is identity, a system in which the line is as significant as its light, its gesture, its origin or its end; create your piece, free your mind. A modular, scalable lighting structure that represents a real evolution in the field of linear lighting, allowing light to be brought to different types of spaces, from residential to offices.

It was born from the collaboration between the Catalan designer Maurici Gines, founder of Artec Studio, and iGuzzini. The result of a conceptual and holistic reflection on the design of light, which they have been discussing for years. The starting point was a shared thought on the value of light in its adaptation to inhabit spaces, based on a concept of transversality. From this place of common interests, Libera arises as a gift of compositional freedom in space. Libera makes light travel from a single electrical connection point to wherever your imagination takes you.

From three elements: light bar, articulation and base, Libera allows you to build light graphics with flexible and scenic geometries, whether these are complex systems or an isolated light sign. The parts of the system offered by Libera, in short, behave as an integral whole firmly rooted in an elegant, thoughtful and surprising design trend made in Italy. Everyone can make their own Libera by composing free forms that reinforce the constitution of the space through light, generating a dialogue with the place in which it is inserted, as well as with those who live there.

Libera emancipates itself from the limitations imposed by the formalisms of traditional product design, offering itself as an open system and not as a closed design; it gives the user compositional freedom to express his or her personal interpretation of light. Each Libera graphic speaks about the path of light itself. The conical section bar emits light, the joint and the brass base reflect the light, thus generating a sensation of continuity in which light acts as a nexus to constitute unique pieces.



AR T EC_Libera_single
AR T EC_Libera_single

“From this place of common interests, Libera arises as a gift of compositional freedom in space.”

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AR T EC_Libera_single
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