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Light Of Love

A celebration of love and interaction at Westfield Glòries

During the Off Llum Barcelona 2023 festival, the heart of the Westfield Glòries shopping center in Barcelona hosted a luminary art experience that celebrated love and interaction among people. “Light of Love” was an abstract representation of the relationship between the heart and love, a work of light art that captured the attention of those who passed through it and created a luminous landmark in this monumental space.


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The installation was based on the structure of the welcoming sculpture designed by Javier Mariscal, which, in an abstract way, reminded us of a heart. Maurici Ginés, the artist behind this piece, transformed this sculpture into a luminous work of art that pulsed with light and sound when people walked beneath it. The more people ventured under its glow, the more vivid its pulsation became, turning the space into a genuine celebration.

During the liveliest hours, from 7 PM to 9 PM, DJ Shelly joined the experience, synchronizing the music with the heartbeat of the luminous heart. Music and light merged to create an atmosphere filled with energy and positivity, where love was in the air.

This installation went beyond the surface and offered a multisensory experience. The materials used in “Light of Love” were sustainable and environmentally friendly. From the textile fabrics that enveloped the structure to the dichroic vinyls that reflected the light, everything was designed to be recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable, fulfilling a commitment to sustainability.

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The piece not only acted as a visual reference point in the shopping center but also became a symbol of love and positivity during the Off Llum Barcelona luminary art festival. During the day, the sustainable fabrics or plastics that covered the artwork reflected the sunlight, filling the surroundings with color, like a subtle disco ball effect.

Maurici Ginés and the Artec Studio team created an experience that went beyond the visual.

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“Light of Love' serves as a reminder that art and interaction can inspire emotions and create shared moments of joy and love. This installation, which is part of the Off Llum Bcn festival, invites us to live passionately and celebrate the beauty of light and love in our lives. — Maurici Ginés, Founder and Creative Director of Artec Studio”

AR T EC_Light Of Love_single
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AR T EC_Light Of Love_single
AR T EC_Light Of Love_double_1
AR T EC_Light Of Love_double_2
Project information
Westfield Glòries
Poblenou Urban District
Off Llum Bcn 2023
Maurici Ginés
Artec Studio
In collaboration with
ProtoPixel, Lumalia Studio, Expafol
Sound Design
Pierfrancesco Ceregioli
Dj. Shelly
Pep Sau
Diana Toucedo; Aleix Fernández