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Loom Ferretería

Highlighting architecture, heritage and future in Barcelona’s 22@

The architectural project for Loom Ferretería, envisioned by architect Daniel Modòl, revolves around the renovation and repurposing of a former industrial building located in Barcelona’s 22@ district, nestled within the heart of the Poblenou neighborhood. This iconic building, once the home of a historic hardware store, has been meticulously transformed into an innovative coworking space while preserving and safeguarding its distinctive features, including its robust metal structure and exposed ductwork.

One of the standout features of this building is its exceptionally transparent facade, allowing the iron structure and interior installations to remain visible. This accentuates the building’s strong industrial essence, a characteristic that Loom has intentionally emphasized in its design. One of the pivotal challenges of the project was to achieve the appropriate illumination of this facade while adhering to the constraints imposed by urban regulations. The chosen strategy involved illuminating the interior of the building in such a way that it radiates a sense of warmth and a welcoming, almost domestic atmosphere from the inside out.

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The lighting design at Loom Ferretería has successfully achieved a seamless fusion between the natural light pouring in through the expansive windows and artificial lighting, creating a fluid interaction between interior and exterior illumination. Within the interior, the lighting project focuses on seamlessly integrating lighting into the architecture, accentuating key architectural elements, materials, and artworks, such as the mural by Mina Hamada in the reception area and the artistic pieces on the staircase. Each landing of the staircase is meticulously illuminated, creating a spatial and elegant lighting scheme that guides visitors along their journey.



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Loom Ferretería fosters a fluid interaction between public and communal areas, where coworkers can socialize, and dedicated shared workspaces. In the common areas, the aim is to establish a pleasant, warm, and subtle ambiance. This is achieved by gently bathing walls and ceilings with light, utilizing the reflection of light on glossy surfaces, such as worktables and the flooring, which Artec Studio recommends maintaining in light colors. In contrast, in areas designated for workstations, focused luminaires have been strategically placed, including the Stormbell 80 by Lamp, designed by Artec Studio, which contributes to a domestic aesthetic. Additionally, projectors and linear elements have been employed to provide directed, efficient, and functional lighting, ensuring compliance with visual comfort standards and the required uniformity, achieving 500 lux in work areas. On the ground floor, track lighting has been incorporated in place of linear fixtures, allowing for flexible orientation of projectors as needed.



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The project design prioritizes sustainability and has earned the coveted LEED Gold certification, thanks to the implementation of energy-saving measures and enhancements in user comfort.

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AR T EC_Loom Ferretería_single

“Loom Ferretería stands as a testament to the coexistence of history and innovation in the heart of Barcelona's 22@ district. In our quest to preserve its essence, we forged connections between the past and present, seamlessly weaving natural and artificial light, maintaining its industrial nature within a modern workspace, celebrating architectural and decorative elements through a warm, comfortable, and spatially elegant lighting experience.”

— Maurici Ginés, Founder & Creative Director Artec Studio

AR T EC_Loom Ferretería_single
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Loom Ferretería
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