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P.019. Project Lumeneye P.019.

The wonder of light, revealed through a curious gaze

At the entrance to the iGuzzini space at the 2024 Light & Building fair, designed by Geza Architetti, Artec Studio unveiled Lumeneye, a beacon of innovation and design under the creative leadership of Maurici Ginés. Inspired by the Pantheon of Agrippa’s eye and the depth of a meaningful gaze, this piece welcomes visitors into iGuzzini’s world through its organic geometry, crafted from the brand’s innovative Light Shed product.


Maurici Ginés notes, “The Pantheon’s relationship with light is unmistakable; how it enters through its oculus was seen as a significant advancement in the interplay between space and light in ancient Rome, still valued today.”

AR T EC_Lumeneye_single
AR T EC_Lumeneye_single

The eye, revered across various cultures and societies, carries undeniable symbolism. It represents the sun and divine connection, the origin of light, knowledge, or revelation, forging a powerful bond between the external world and each individual’s inner world.


Serving as a gateway to iGuzzini’s conception of light, the eye’s ability to unveil knowledge makes Lumeneye an evocative entry point. It invites exploration, sharing, and understanding of the firm’s vision, storytelling, and approach to light.


Beyond this piece, Artec Studio has crafted a distinct narrative for each part of the brand’s stand through innovative lighting installations that utilize their luminaires and solutions: Optisky, Il Vento, Luxea. This visual and auditory immersive experience goes beyond simple lighting to evoke vibration and emotion, encouraging visitors to uncover the magic and revealing power of light with a curious eye.

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AR T EC_Lumeneye_double_1
AR T EC_Lumeneye_double_2
AR T EC_Lumeneye_single
Project information
Stand design
GEZA Architettura
Lighting Scenography
Artec Studio
Sound Design
Pierfrancesco Ceregioli
Creative Coding
Joan Sandoval
Lighting Platform