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P.081. Project Manacar Tower Facade P.081.
Manacar Tower Facade

A beacon of dynamic light in the heart of Mexico City

Manacar Tower is at the junction of two important arteries in Mexico City: Avenida Insurgentes and Avenida Río Mixcoac. The building is 144 meters tall with an additional 40 meters below ground and contains a parking lot, mall and office space, lit under LEED Gold certification.

On the façade, the 4000ºK luminaires with Blade-like beam of light slats, customized specially for the project, precisely illuminate the width of the mullion and produce no light contamination/intrusion. During the day they are unnoticeable due to their small size and integration. As well as the lighting composition, dynamism was added by using a DMX controlled media façade so that the building achieves empathy with the surrounding urban rhythm.

We invite you to check out SyncroniCity, the artistic media content designed by our lab.

AR T EC_Manacar Tower Facade_single
AR T EC_Manacar Tower Facade_single
AR T EC_Manacar Tower Facade_single
Project information
Pulso Inmobiliario
Teodoro González de León
©Santiago Arau, ©iGuzzini
México City, México