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P.080. Project Nuestro Mar P.080.
Nuestro Mar

Memories of light from Barcelona

Memories of light from Barcelona. The work evokes a fragmented vision of the dawn, reflections of the sun in the Mediterranean, our sea. The movement of the spectator and the movement of light create subtle effects of perception generating a personal and interactive relationship with the work.

The light art installation, measuring 350×72.5×10 cm and made from methacrylate and led technology, was inspired by the myriad reflections the sun produces as it rises from the Mediterranean. The idea is to transpose this light to the BD space, where it will be exhibited during Off Llum, so that visitors could experience a special relationship with the artwork, our city and our sea.

The artwork has been exhibited in the following events:

Off Llum Barcelona 2020

Barcelona, Spain

BD Barcelona Showroom

Design Week México 2018

CDMX, México

Exhibition: Inspired in Barcelona: Elements


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“Dynamic lght concept:”

Project information
Simon, Poblenou Urban District 
Maurici Ginés
Simon, BD
Created by
Artec Studio
Off Llum Bcn 2020, Design Week México 2018
Photos Mexico
©Jaime Navarro
©Diana Toucedo