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P.054. Project Nuit P.054.

A subtle guide in the night.

The dark night is always a source of inspiration, where we look for a faint light to guide us somewhere, a substance, a balance in space that allows us to follow our path, through shadows outlined in light. Nuit is a small companion that facilitates the way, that illuminates what is necessary, in our nocturnal transits, both outside and inside our homes. A beacon that accompanies us to the beat, forming part of the essence of the night, preserving its magic.

When we walk at night, we can look at it without being dazzled. It makes us feel that we are not alone, it transmits a sense of calm even when it is switched off. A black horizontal line protrudes from the plane of the wall and stands out, without reaching the edges of the piece, generating a mark on the metal frame that gives meaning to the design of Nuit. The subtle light that it emits slides down the surface towards the floor, revealing the meetings between the vertical and horizontal planes in a clear, wide way. A sign that is darkness expressed in negative. A dark symbol that floats surrounded by light, guiding us with the intention of generating a harmonious contrast with its surroundings.


AR T EC_Nuit_single
AR T EC_Nuit_single
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Project information
Davide Groppi
Maurici Ginés
Bronze Delta | ADI Awards 2024