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Ohla Barcelona

Bespoke lighting design for an unforgettable hotel experience

The Ohla Barcelona Hotel is located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. A building full of history renovated by Balaguer Arquitectos Asociados in collaboration with Artec. The goal of the lighting design was to enhance the spaces and provide a unique experience for the guests, offering them areas of comfortable and intimate atmospheres to enjoy their stay in Barcelona.

A bespoke luminaire was exclusively designed for the rooms to create continuous lines of light with no dark zones, with direct-indirect lighting. The luminaire, equipped with a fireproof mesh of translucent metallic fabric, provided high-quality lighting and elegant and sophisticated touch to the overall sleeping area of the hotel.

AR T EC_Ohla Barcelona_single
AR T EC_Ohla Barcelona_single
AR T EC_Ohla Barcelona_single
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Project information
Ohla Boutique Hotel
Alonso Balaguer Architects
Barcelona, Spain