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P.005. Project Optisky P.005.

A shine bright sky revealed through a multi-sensory experience of light and sound


Within the space of iGuzzini at the 2024 Light & Building fair, Artec Studio introduced a compelling narrative of light, embodied not only by the pioneering installation Lumeneye but also through three immersive installations: Optisky, Il Vento, and Luxea. Each piece, distinct in its approach, collectively narrates the innovative spirit of iGuzzini through immersive visual and auditory experiences.


Optisky transforms the concept of residential space with a canopy of Opti Diamond optics, mimicking a starry sky. Controlled individually via DMX, each luminaire weaves a tapestry of light that invites onlookers into a unique spatial narrative. This installation transcends traditional lighting to craft an unparalleled sensory experience.

This installation served as a vivid embodiment of iGuzzini’s commitment to visual comfort and technological prowess. Observers were invited to marvel at the radiant installation without the harshness of being dazzled, showcasing its high level of illumination ideal for work environments. This focus on comfort and visual appeal underscored iGuzzini’s holistic approach to lighting design—where functionality meets aesthetic brilliance.


Optisky is a journey of discovery through a multi-sensory experience of light and emotion.This experience was akin to awakening within a dream: the ceiling vibrated, surrounded by hues of blue, ascending through the atmosphere, and finding oneself amidst a galaxy of stars. This immersive experience allowed participants to play among the stars before descending back to admire the starlit sky—a poetic representation of iGuzzini’s innovative spirit.

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Project information
Stand design
GEZA Architettura
Lighting Scenography
Artec Studio
Sound Design
Pierfrancesco Ceregioli
Creative Coding
Joan Sandoval
Lighting Platform