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Palco Pro

Redefining the lighting experience in museums

The Palco family, inspired by an artist’s brush, expands its range with the Palco Pro, becoming a trendsetter in light quality and handling in exhibition halls and showrooms.



Enter the realm of powered lighting with Palco Pro, iGuzzini’s latest masterpiece designed to redefine the exhibition visitor experience.

With a design by Maurici Ginés and the luminaire expertise of Artec Studio, it stands as a beacon of iGuzzini’s unyielding dedication to excellence.

The revolutionary Push&Go system, an innovation that effortlessly swaps optical accessories without a single tool. Crafted with the patented Optibeam lens and refractor technology, Palco Pro ensures precision in light distributions – from the focused Super Spot to the expansive Wide Flood.

Palco Pro is not just a light source; it’s a canvas of possibilities. Customize your lighting narrative with additional combined accessories, tailoring the ambiance to suit the unique character of each space.

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“Palco Pro doesn't just illuminate; it empowers, casting a transformative lighting that elevates the very essence of art and products”

Featuring dimmable electronic versions in 102mm and 122mm sizes, Palco Pro places control in the hands of users, accommodating up to 3 internal and 1 external optical accessory simultaneously. A journey through personalized illumination with Palco Pro.

Palco Pro paints with light, boasting LEDs with CRI 97 and chromatic consistency Macadam <2. Witness excellence that stands the test of time and installation diversity. Available in Dali 2, BLE Casambi, and BLE Wisilica versions, it’s not just a luminaire; it’s visual empowerment.

Discover Palco, Palco LV & Palco InOut, the rest of the members of the Palco family.

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