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P.167. Project Palco P.167.

The paintbrush as inspiration

Palco is a family of luminaires specifically designed to illuminate artworks. Its form is inspired by a paintbrush, the artist’s main tool and part of his creative process.

The optic system of the framer was the starting point of our design of Palco’s family. We develop an innovative way to create a framer luminaire, with reduced size, inspired on the set of lens and the diaphragm of the analog photographic camera.





AR T EC_Palco_single
AR T EC_Palco_single
AR T EC_Palco_double_1
AR T EC_Palco_single
AR T EC_Palco_single
AR T EC_Palco_single

Discover Palco Pro, Palco LV & Palco InOut, the rest of the members of the Palco family.

Project information
Maurici Ginés
Artec Studio
Gold Delta ADI and German Design Award 2018