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Privada 14

The project of the Private house 14 in Mexico City sought to create a cozy and comfortable environment to solve the day to day life of a family with small children. In addition, it sought, as an architectural concept, to highlight the materiality of the edges of the steel slats that were outlined on a stone material generating a three-dimensional texture game.

All the walls where the metal and stone play was generated, these were illuminated in two directions: vertically and laterally using LED strips with different optics. With the first, we obtained greater expression in the metal slats and with the other direction of the light the relief of the stone was emphasized. All the luminaires used were LED technology of 2700ºK for decorative lights.

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AR T EC_Privada 14_single
Project information
Private owner
Abraham Cherem Architects
©Enrique Macías
Mexico City, Mexico