AR T EC_Ribbon_hero
P.010. Project Ribbon P.010.

A Symbol reveals the link between light and darkness

The proximity of a light-emitting object on a table stimulates and identifies us, creating a close connection with the place. Ribbon is a subtle gesture that reveals this link and symbolizes the unbreakable bond between light and darkness.


The loop as a symbol of connection and a warm, articulable light that illuminates and relates us to what we express on a table were the conceptual premises for designing a desk lamp. Ribbon is a delicate stroke that, when needed, can emit light to assist us in our tasks or can remain off as a sculptural object to contemplate its subtle beauty.


This duality of object/lamp, an element that is not obvious in its function until the touch at its end is discovered, adds value and allows it to be contextualized in different environments, becoming a part of them or illuminating them so that the trail of its light joins with the darkness of the place.

AR T EC_Ribbon_single
AR T EC_Ribbon_single
AR T EC_Ribbon_single
AR T EC_Ribbon_double_1
AR T EC_Ribbon_double_2
AR T EC_Ribbon_single
AR T EC_Ribbon_single
AR T EC_Ribbon_single
Project information
Davide Groppi
Artec Studio
Led smd 3000K