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San Giacomo Apostolo Church

A bond of light with the intangible.

In the ‘San Giacomo Apostolo’ parish complex in Ferrara, a project by Miralles Tagliabue – EMBT, the new church takes centre stage. The liturgical space is arranged around a central altar which is lit by a skylight at a greater height. The natural light descends on the altar area to create a sense of spirituality, of connection with the divine, whose effect changes according to the time of day.

The lighting design of the central space of ‘San Giacomo Apostolo’ is anchored in the interaction between artificial and natural light, with the intention of perpetuating the sensation of connection with the celestial and the atmosphere of seclusion while also bringing out key components of the iconography. The concept was to enhance the bond between the skylight, height and the components of the liturgy. The solution was based on integrating the lighting components, largely arranged around the cross-shaped ground plan, to incorporate the light and direct it, without being seen, to where it was needed.

“Using lighting from above fully integrated into the structure coupled with carefully thought-out direction of the light crafts an atmosphere of spirituality and mysticism inside ‘San Giacomo’ which envelops the visitor whatever the time of day.”  Maurici Ginés, Founder & Creative Director, Artec Studio.

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AR T EC_San Giacomo Apostolo Church_single
AR T EC_San Giacomo Apostolo Church_single
Project information
CEI Conferenza Episcopale Italiana, Parrocchia di San Giacomo Apostolo, Ferrara
Benedetta Tagliabue – Miralles Tagliabue EMBT
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Ferrara, Italy