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P.006. Project Sinia P.006.

Natural elegance and a warm glow that invites you to stay.

Sinia, developed by Artec Studio for LedsC4, stands as a paradigm of discreet elegance and versatility, now further enhanced by its natural grace and inviting light. During the day, its subtle and slender form merges with the landscape like a silent sculpture; come nightfall, it casts a warm glow that complements and easily adapts to the surrounding environment.


Designed with outdoor spaces in mind, Sinia not only illuminates but also enhances the landscape’s intention, integrating into any setting. It offers an additional component as an alternative to the decorative vase, ensuring extra visual comfort by minimizing glare in the most effective manner.


Personalization options are available, with standard finishes in black and brown, and custom finishes to harmoniously blend with any environment. This feature, along with its ability to reduce glare drastically, showcases Sinia’s adaptability and commitment to providing a comfortable and customizable lighting experience.


The introduction of Sinia at Light & Building 2024 is not just a step but a leap towards redefining our interaction with light in outdoor environments, setting a new benchmark for lighting design with its blend of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and environmental harmony.

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AR T EC_Sinia_single
AR T EC_Sinia_double_1
AR T EC_Sinia_double_2
AR T EC_Sinia_single
AR T EC_Sinia_single
Project information
Artec Studio
Salva López
Art Direction
Isern Serra