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Stand for iGuzzini | Light+Building

A journey to discover the world of iGuzzini through a lighting scenography


The stand’s lighting design philosophy In the iGuzzini space at the 2024 Light & Building fair was rooted in visibility and engagement, showcasing lighting not just as a utility but as a medium for storytelling and emotional connection. An engaging visual dialogue between the inside and the outside, reflecting its happenings beyond its physical boundaries.


This stand beckoned attendees inside, speaking to a lighting designed for people, a lighting that moves and excites us. Every hour, in a dedicated educational segment, the stand’s hues transitioned from neutral, white tones to pink, followed by an experiential phase where the stand burst into vibrant, ever-moving colors.

Entry through the Lumeneye, an eye-shaped installation symbolizing the ability to perceive, understand, and be moved by light, was profound. This element represented iGuzzini’s desire to share how it sees and understands light with the world, setting the stage for an emotional and experiential journey within.


The interior layout was open and inviting, embodying the philosophy of connecting with people while respecting their freedom of movement. This pathway featured warm, welcoming spaces adorned with curtains that fluttered with the air and the movement of the visitors, explaining the product in an open, friendly manner.

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Artec Studio conceptualized and executed three main installations as well: Optisky, Il Vento, and Luxea, a cultural lighting experience, each telling a unique story through the interplay of light, color, and sound.

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AR T EC_Stand for iGuzzini | Light+Building_double_1
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Optisky presents an extraordinary canopy of light that mimics a starlit sky, not only showcasing the wide range and diversity of iGuzzini’s Opti Diamond technology products but also emphasizing their high visual comfort. This allows observers to marvel at the radiant installation without being dazzled, simultaneously showcasing its high level of illumination, ideal for work environments.


Il Vento transported visitors to an outdoor garden, highlighting the essence of hospitality lighting. The installation created a serene atmosphere with subtle illumination, showcasing the balance between enhancing ambiance and respecting the night. The space highlights the crucial role of exterior lighting in creating inviting atmospheres.


The cultural lighting experience Luxea celebrated the precision and chromatic reproduction of iGuzzini luminaires, like Palco and Sipario. Visitors were guided through a space reminiscent of a museum, where the lighting elevated art pieces, emphasizing the crucial role of tailored lighting in cultural spaces. The installation becomes a moving artwork, where light, shadow, and color converse, in sync with the music.

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The iGuzzini stand at the Light & Building 2024 fair, envisioned by Artec Studio, was more than a showcase of advanced lighting solutions. It was an immersive journey inviting exploration, emotion, and understanding. Through innovative design and a deep understanding of light’s emotive power, we crafted a narrative that displayed iGuzzini’s products and communicated their vision: lighting that moves us.

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