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P.132. Project Symphony P.132.

Light and rhythm in urban space

The Symphony light pole family explores the idea of luminaires in urban spaces not being limited to functional lighting, but also as elements that may bring an extra value from the light compositions they generate, and that can as well be perceived as sculptural urban furniture during the daytime, in order to create places with identity for the city.

It allows different combinations thanks to its structure: one pole and two orthogonal pieces of different sizes. The light fixture works with two different types of LED lighting: One providing functional street lighting which complies with regulations, and another one highlighting the frames’ internal profile in order to create rhythms and lighting compositions in urban space.

AR T EC_Symphony_single
AR T EC_Symphony_double_1
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AR T EC_Symphony_single
Project information
Moscú Promenade
Artec Studio and b720 Architects