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Tryp Hotel

Finding the perfect balance of lighting to elevate the guest experience

The project of the common areas of the Hotel Tryp of the Barcelona airport was focused on the central space: a large hall that faces all the corridors of rooms. This space had large zenithal skylights that provided natural light during the day. At night, thanks to groups of 5 metal ceramic halide luminaires of 150w installed inside the skylights, it maintained the volumetric sensation and spatial quality with the artificial light of the great atrium. To this typology, it was added decorative foot lights of warm ambient light effect of 3000ºK, to bring human scale to the place and make a comfortable space for the visitor. The conjunction of these two typologies were outside the visual of the people who they were sitting in the atrium, generating in their sum a suggestive and comfortable space of high luminous and spatial quality and of great visual impact for the hotel guests.



AR T EC_Tryp Hotel_single
AR T EC_Tryp Hotel_single
AR T EC_Tryp Hotel_single
Project information
Tryp Hotel
Carles Ferrater + Joan Guibernau Arquitectos
©Aleix Bagué
Barcelona, Spain