N.009. News Unveiling Ribbon: A luminous sculpture at Milano Design Week 2024 N.009.
Unveiling Ribbon: A luminous sculpture at Milano Design Week 2024

After months of creative exploration, sketching, and rigorous research, witnessing our designs come to life is truly inspiring! We are thrilled to announce that Ribbon luminaire, crafted by Artec Studio for the renowned Italian firm Davide Groppi, will be featured during Milano Design Week 2024. The exhibition runs from April 16 to April 21 at Milano Manzoni 38, Davide Groppi’s vibrant new space designed with the 967arch studio in the heart of Milan (Via Alessandro Manzoni 38).


In the words of Maurici Ginés: “The proximity of an object that sheds light on a table stimulates us and identifies us, creating a close bond between us and the place. Ribbon is a subtle gesture that reveals this connection, and symbolizes the unalterable bond between light and dark”.


Ribbon is more than just a light source; it is a refined expression that symbolizes the unbreakable bond between light and darkness. Designed with a philosophy that melds the essence of light with graphic expression, Ribbon not only provides functional illumination but also serves as a sculptural element, enhancing the aesthetics of any workspace.


The showcase will also feature Nuit and Buio, two additional luminaires designed by Artec Studio for Davide Groppi, with Nuit presented in an elegant matt white finish.


If you’re planning to attend Milano Design Week, make sure not to miss it!

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