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P.101. Project Vercle P.101.

Subtle light nuances around the leaves

Vercle is a miniaturized circular and linear outdoor lighting system designed specifically to illuminate outdoor elements such as trees and shrubs, as well as walls. It is integrated into the site with the intention of being invisible during the day and creating more pure and relaxed spaces between the landscape and the people.

A minimalist luminaire that seeks to communicate the essence of the elements it illuminates, for this reason when used on trees it highlights their entire perimeter, without omitting purity, to convey the beauty of the vegetation from any point of view. Its light effect defines the trunk and generates subtle and beautiful shades in the leaves. On walls, its grazing lighting enhances the reliefs and the nature of the material.

The reduced dimensions and the visual comfort produced by the asymmetrical control of each beam give the illuminated element all the protagonism and Vercle the role of an elegant escort.

Vercle is available in two circular sizes of 40 cm and 65 cm in diameter, as well as in two linear lights of 50 cm and 200 cm.



AR T EC_Vercle_single
AR T EC_Vercle_single
AR T EC_Vercle_single
AR T EC_Vercle_single
AR T EC_Vercle_double_1
AR T EC_Vercle_double_2
AR T EC_Vercle_single
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