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P.102. Project Xiu Xiu P.102.
Xiu Xiu

An interactive experience of light, sound and the urban space

The light installation illustrates a day in the life of a typical Catalan, from the moment s/he wakes up until s/he goes to bed, through images and onomatopoeias. An immersive installation that expresses that, even though our daily lives seem common to us all, each one of us perceives them as different and unique.

The concept behind Xiu Xiu comes from the combination of two creative minds: Maurici Ginés and David Torrents.

Designed as an interactive mapping for LlumBCN Festival 2018 held in Poble Nou, it was meant to interact with their previous piece BruumRuum!, by establishing synchronization between the mapping on DHUB´s facade and the lights’ rhythm from the pavement.

The light installation allowed people to interact not only with light but also with color and sound, and become part of an unparalleled experience.

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AR T EC_Xiu Xiu_double_1
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Project information
LlumBCN 2018
Maurici Ginés & David Torrents
Victor Vinyamat, LedsControl, The Others, Pulmon Beatbox, Jacqueline Molnár
©Daniel Ríos
Barcelona, Spain