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Zapote Bar

A day-to-night experience in a luxurious setting.

The Zapote Bar lighting concept pursues a twofold purpose: to shape a relaxed and comfortable environment for its diners while also bringing to the fore some of the distinctive features of its architecture and interior design.

In keeping with this twin track approach, we based the lighting project on strategically using indirect lighting to enhance specific aspects, such as the wooden beams made from local timber. A prime feature that lends character to the setting. The restaurant also hosts a private bar framed in tiles. Here, we chose ambient lighting that reveals the varying shades of the ceramics backed up by lighting built into the furnishings.

We added decorative luminaires to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. In the restaurant’s outdoor area in the midst of the greenery we used spotlights to enhance the jungle-like, contemporary setting. Thick tallow candles provide intimate and subdued lighting.

AR T EC_Zapote Bar_single
AR T EC_Zapote Bar_single
AR T EC_Zapote Bar_single
AR T EC_Zapote Bar_single
AR T EC_Zapote Bar_single
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Estudio Atemporal
Estudio Atemporal
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Playa del Carmen, Mexico